Sailesh is a Community Advocate at Centre for Internet and Society, where he works for the growth of the Odia Wikipedia community, he has worked for about 2 years in the Access to Knowledge Program of  Centre for Internet and Society, a movement partner for Wikimedia Foundation in India. As a volunteer, Sailesh was involved in  growth of the Odia-language Wikipedia from 2012 and is a long time Wikipedia editor and contributor to the Wikimedia movement.

As an employee at CIS, he works as a catalyst  between the organisation and community, relicensed works under free license by collaborating with Media and GLAM institutions, formed different communities, and has also tried to bridge the gender gap in the community.  Sailesh has also helped the community members to collaborate with the Government of Odisha in releasing the social media content, websites of govt. and releasing the images of Asian Athletics Championships 2017 under Creative Commons license.


Organisation   Work Profile



The Open Foundation
A Odisha based Non-profit Trust
That aims to use digital technology in its core to make social innovations, and advocate for the Open  Movement in India.

Founding Member
August 2017 – Ongoing
Mentorship, Internship activity program, handle social media and communications.



The Centre for Internet & Society
Bangalore based Non-profit Organisation
A Bangalore based research organisation, which works on digital pluralism, public accountability and pedagogic practices, in the field of Internet and Society.

Community Advocate
November 2015 – Ongoing
Community and partnership building, Wikipedia Education Programs, Content and software acquisition and relicensing under free licenses; Cultural content acquisition from Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAM) and content digitization and communications, Assist in writing the Annual Grant Proposal and progress report to be submitted to the Wikimedia Foundation.


Organisation Work Profile
Open Access India
A forum For creating more awareness on open access to publicly funded research in India.

February 2016 – Ongoing
Ambassador of Open Access India, spread its mission and ideas and to be the focal point for Open Access among youth.

Wikitongues is a platform for every language in the world. It publish oral histories and dictionaries in all the world’s 7,000 languages.
December  2016 – Ongoing
Identify and record languages from India and add them to the archive of WikiTongues.
Open Con
A platform empowering the next generation to advance Open Access, Open Education and Open Data.
December 2015 – Ongoing
Plan and organise satellite events and meetups to spread the Open movement.
Wikimedia Foundation
A nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to encouraging the growth, development and distribution of free, multilingual, educational content, and to providing the full content of these wiki-based projects to the public free of charge.

March 2012 – Ongoing
Ombudsman, Editor  Odia Wikipedia, Collaborating with local and global communities, leading outreach programs within the community, Handling newsletters for Education program , spreading awareness, edit-a-thons and others.


WikiTribune is a planned news website in which professional journalists research and report news stories alongside volunteers who curate articles by proofreading, fact-checking, suggesting changes and adding sources.

October 2017 – Ongoing
Handling the Users in the project, letting them in and join the projects. Occasional writer.


Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology, Bhubaneswar— Bachelor’s in Engineering
July 2015 – ongoing
Pursuing Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with a CGPA of 7.3